Whole blood with suspected bacteria

Our Technology


This patent pending technology rapidly detects pathogens present in a suspected sepsis patient within 15 minutes without the need for blood culture or PCR amplification. The cost effective technology, that can be used by individuals without specialist training is designed from the ground up to find global application.


SepTec  will allow the physician to rapidly differentiate between bacterial and fungal infections so that they can administer the appropriate therapy. Significantly, by quickly ruling out sepsis in patients with other conditions, SepTec contributes to the global goal of reducing antibiotic use and helps to stop antimicrobial resistance occurring. 



Rapid tests ("sample-in-result-out") that can be used by health care personnel at or close to the bedside and that provide rapid information (within 15 minutes) about the presence or absence of sepsis, the definitive species of pathogens and prevent patients without sepsis from being treated with antibiotics.


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