Meet The Team

Our exceptional team brings together expertise in sample-to-answer devices, microfluidics, (nano)(bio)materials, clinical leadership and commercial business development.


Dr. Elaine Spain

Co-Founder & Co-Inventor

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Elaine, a research fellow,  has served as PI, Co-investigator, and Key Personnel to lead the development of highly sensitive assays for molecular disease biomarkers using cost effective, highly portable, electrochemical detection which she is author on a multitude of high impact publications.

Elaine holds a BSc in Analytical Sciences and PhD in Physical Inorganic Chemistry from Dublin City University (DCU).

Dr. Kellie Adamson

Co-Founder & Co-Inventor

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Kellie, a research fellow, has profound expertise in the area of biomaterials and cell sensing via selective and sensitive cell capture through clever innovations in the structure of the capture surface of which she is author on multiple high impact publications.

Kellie holds a BSc in Analytical Chemistry from Dublin City University and PhD in Diagnostics & Therapeutics from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI).

Fiona Slevin

Business Partner

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Fiona has 20 years experience as founder and CEO/COO of award-winning  life sciences startups.

She has held International executive roles in Diageo and Goldman Sachs. She is a non-executive director at a number of commercial and not-for-profit entities, including Vhi Health & Wellbeing.

Hazel McArdel

Research Engineer

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Hazel is a highly skilled analytical chemist with extensive experience in electrochemistry, microfluidics, and nucleic acid, pathogen, and patient sample handling and detection.

Research has focused on creating modified interfaces for sensing and biomedical applications based on electrochemical sensing.

Taufeeq Elahi Diju

Industrial Designer

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Taufeeq is an industrial designer & electronic engineer working in the areas of digital electronics, automation, robotics systems, embedded systems coding and human machine interfaces. He has multiple engineering patents including two successful commercial products of which he owns the intellectual rights. Taufeeq holds a BSc in Industrial Design from Limkokwing University and MSc in Medical Device Design from the National College of Art & Design (NCAD).

Prof Ger Curley

Lead Clinical Advisor

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Professor of Anaesthesia & Critical Care at Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine.

Sepsis lead in the RCSI Network of hospitals, reporting to the Lead in Critical Care Programs at the HSE. 

SepTec is supported by an exceptional, multidisciplinary team of electrochemists, biologists, engineers and clinical key opinion leaders. Consequently, the groups research has had significant impact across an extensive range of scientific fields. For more information on the team’s research activities & achievements click the research button below!

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